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Use Number() instead of parseInt() in javascript

Recently I came across the issue in converting string to integer in Javascript(JS). I was used parseInt() method to convert string value into integer value. unfortunately, I was faced issue in chrome browser but all other browsers like firefox, ie and safari are worked fine. Its too hard time for me to find out the …

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Accessing external website from PhoneGap application

To create a PhoneGap application, To load external webpage into android application by following the instruction. Steps: 1) Create phonegap application and configure with android. 2) Then open your activity file and make the changes, onCreate() method is calling super.loadUrl(“http://your-domain.com”); so that http://your-domain.com page is opened in the WebView as soon as application starts super.loadUrl(“file:///android_asset/www/index.html”); …

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Serailization & Unserialization in PHP

Serialization which help us to store or transport PHP data structure such as an array or object. All the storage meduim or database can store String type. It will generates a storable representation of a value. This is useful for storing or passing PHP values around without losing their type and structure. Essentially, it takes a …

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