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SXDA Entries

SXDA entries are used to link our custom program & structure to the LSMW tool. There are four entities. SXDA0 – Specify whether Batch/Direct IP. SXDA1-Specify the Custom Program. SXDA2-Specify the Custom Structure. SXDA3-Specify the fields/values for that custom structure.

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Data Storage and Data flow

Data Storage and Data Flow  SAP NetWeaver BI offers a number of options for data storage. These include the implementation of a data warehouse or an operational data store as well as the creation of the data stores used for the analysis. Architecture A multi-layer architecture serves to integrate data from heterogeneous sources, transform, consolidate, …

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ETL Concepts

Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) SAP NetWeaver BI offers flexible means for integrating data from various sources. Depending on the data warehousing strategy for your application scenario, you can extract the data from the source and load it into the SAP NetWeaver BI system or directly access the data in the source without storing it …

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Integration, Storage and Management of Data

Comprehensive, meaningful data analyses are only possible if the datasets are bundled into a business query and integrated. These datasets can have different formats and sources. The data warehouse is therefore the basis for a business intelligence solution. Enterprise data is collected centrally in the Enterprise Data Warehouse of SAP NetWeaver BI. The data is …

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SAP System Landscape:

(Kind Note: In this post i going to give a short hint about SAP system landscape don’t consider this as a SAP Architecture. Often times, SAP users, especially new comers misunderstands these two concepts.) They system landscape basically is the set-up or arrangement of your SAP servers. Ideally, in an SAP environment, a three-system landscape …

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What is SAP BI? SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions can empower your users to make effective, informed decisions based on solid data and analysis. All users, from the high-end analyst to the casual business user, can leverage business intelligence solutions to access to the information they need – with minimal dependence on IT resources …

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