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How to setup Cordova on Ubuntu for Android app development

Follow the belows steps to configure cordova with Android SDK on Ubuntu machine: Install Java & ANT: First, check you’ve got Java and Ant installed – you’ll need those later: sudo apt-get install default-jre sudo apt-get install default-jdk sudo apt-get install ant Install Nodejs: Run the following command to install NodeJS: sudo apt-get install nodejs …

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Accessing external website from PhoneGap application

To create a PhoneGap application, To load external webpage into android application by following the instruction. Steps: 1) Create phonegap application and configure with android. 2) Then open your activity file and make the changes, onCreate() method is calling super.loadUrl(“http://your-domain.com”); so that http://your-domain.com page is opened in the WebView as soon as application starts super.loadUrl(“file:///android_asset/www/index.html”); …

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Make Out Aakash Tablet

The device will be sold to Government of India at $49. The Government of India even distributed 500 free tablets to students from different parts of India who had come to attend the press conference for release of Aakash tablet by HRD minister Kabil Sibal in the capital. The Aakash tablet will be available for students at a subsidized price, which would bring down its value to $35 (Rs. 17,00) making it the cheapest tablet ever.

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