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MySQL zerofill and lpad – Shape digits in DB

I’m working with an application to have the item code. Item code column is set as an INT(5) but not all the item code values are 5 digits. So I need to round off the item code based on 5-digits. If the item code is 199, it should be display as 00199. How to make …

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Best way to order the best matching records in MySQL

If we are searching a word (string) in the mysql table, usually we will use the below method: [sql] SELECT * FROM user WHERE name LIKE ‘%searchstring%’ ORDER BY name ASC; [/sql] If you search like this, It will order the result set based on the ASC of name. It will not order the result …

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MySQL: Get total number of rows when using LIMIT

A SELECT statement may include a LIMIT clause to restrict the number of rows return by the MySQL server. In some cases, it is desirable to know how many rows the SELECT statement would have returned without the LIMIT. To obtain the row count by include SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS option in the SELECT statement, and then execute …

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