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Adding dynamic controls in Asp.net

1.Declare public variables static DropDownList[] drp_arr; static int drp_count; 2.Write methods to develop dynamic controls protected void add_dropdown(DropDownList drp) { try { //add to a container on the page pnltitle.Controls.Add(drp); //add a spacer after the control pnltitle.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(“<br><br>”)); } catch (Exception ex) { } } private void createdropdown() { try { for (int i = …

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Excel to MySQL

Usually MS Excel provides many options to import data from other sources like XML or using data source. Now, the data from excel file has to be exported to a form which MySQL could read and insert into existing relational tables. You can think about .sql file. Usually, MySQL tables can be imported by SQL script (.sql) files. SQL script file contains the DDL and DML queries. But in our case, we need to load the rows of excel file into a table.

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The Project Team – Funny Quotes

I Got this Funny Quotes via Forward mail. But it is basically 100% true , even though described in as a funny way. See: 1. Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine Women can deliver a baby in One month 2. Developer is a Person who thinks it will take 18 months to deliver …

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Augmented reality – 6th Sense

Amazing Video Watch this amazing presentation. It is really Amazing. It has been Presented 2 years before itself.

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Warning before navigate away from a page

In some cases, if you are in between any work of editing or typing a content, and you wont let the visitor to navigate away from the page without particular condition, say the document is not saved yet, you can block the navigation (even the closing of the browser window) with Javascript. Code: window.onbeforeunload = …

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jQuery Traversing Tips

Just a quick review of tips available in jQuery to manage nodes (contents) near by the content / node which is triggered an event like click, hover etc Functions: find, parent, parents, children, first, last, closest Suppose you need to manage some nodes nearby a link or a button on an event. Say $(‘.button’).click(function(){ // …

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Network Address Translation(NAT) or Port Forwarding

hi dear, This article is not made for technical person though if you are a network kiddy or if you are searching for a startup on NAT  this article is a good place to start. I assume you might have knowledge of public ip and private ip if not click here. Network Address Translation(NAT) or Port …

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IBM DB2 CLP Help System

Target Audience: DB2 Developers DB2 developers may feel exhausting time when working with CLP when accessing help documents. IBM DB2 enables CLP help reference (like MAN in Unix/Linux). When SQL query is processed, in case of any failure DB2 returns the error using SQL codes. In CLP interactive mode type the following command to get help reference …

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How to Back Up and Restore a MySQL Database

As you know your website data is stored in your database server. To prevent disaster, backup your data regularly is a must for you and every website owner. There are many ways to backup MySQL data, one of them is using mysqldump to dump your MySQL data to a file. Dump all MySQL Databases mysqldump …

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