Make Out Aakash Tablet

I have seen Aakash in news since 2009. It was earlier known as Sakshat. In this blog I would like to write about both good and bad of Aakash tablet.

[important]Aakash tablet will be sold to Government of India at $49.[/important]

[warning]Though it received fair reviews, there is no hands-on test[/warning]

Cheapest Tablet Ever 

The device will be sold to Government of India at $49.  The Government of India even distributed 500 free tablets to students from different parts of India who had come to attend the press conference for release of Aakash tablet by HRD minister Kabil Sibal in the capital. The Aakash tablet will be available for students at a subsidized price, which would bring down its value to $35 (Rs. 17,00) making it the cheapest tablet ever.

Datawind, the manufacturer of Aakash tablet, it will start its new production center in Hyderabad.

Excitements of Aakash Tablet

  • 7 inch touch screen
  • 800 X 480 resolution
  • 2 GB internal flash memory
  • 32 GB expandable micro SD memory card
  • Android 2.2 Froyo OS
  • GPRS & WiFi enabled
  • available with an affordable Internet plan of Rs.98/2GB per month
  • 3G enabled using a dongle

Controversial of Aakash Tablet

  • Its Wi-Fi only version, meaning only those at the elite educational institutions can use it.
  • Though it received fair reviews, there is no hands-on test
  • The internet plan of Rs.98/2GB per month is only on its commercial version not in the subsidy version those being sold to the Government of India for distribution to students.
I am not seeing it as DOA (dead on arrival), but keeping the controversial part of Aakash tablet, would help to make out this device. Feel free to comment my post.

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