Aptitude Question

  1. Eight peoples take positions in clockwise, direction starting from the position of head of the group around a circular table. There are 4 males: Ajay, Nilesh, Gautam and Vishal and 4 females: Komal, Babita, Chaitali and Divyani in the group.

The following conditions are to be followed:

  1. The head of the group, Vishal has a female opposite to him.
  2. Chaitali is 1 place to the right of Vishal.
  3. Divyani sits immediate to the right of Babita.
  4. Gautam who  sits diametrically opposite to Divyani is to the the immediate right of Vishal.
  5. Nilesh sits opposite to Chaitali and has a female to his right.
  6. The people are numbered from 1 to 8 in the clockwise direction starting from Vishal.

(i)                Who sits at the 6th position?

1] Vishal              2] Ajay           3]Gautam                 4] Nilesh

(ii)       Who sits at the 2nd position?

1] Ajay                2] Divyani     3] Komal                   4] Gautam

(iii)      Who sits opposite to Vishal?

1] Divyani         2] Komal       3] Nilesh                    4] Babita

(iv)       Komal sits diagonally opposite to?

1] Vishal           2] Ajay           3]Gautam                 4] Divyani

(v)         How many people sit between Divyani and Gautam?

1] 3                    2] 2                 3] 5                             4] 4

Answers: (i) 2]       (ii) 3]              (iii) 4]                        (iv) 2]             (v) 1]

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