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Introduction to Ubuntu One:

Ubuntu One is a personal cloud for everyone. It’s just like syncing files, notes and contacts. You can access your contacts, notes or bookmarks from any computer or the web.
The mind blowing thing in it is you can enjoy accessing your favorite music or stuff from a your iPhone and Android phones. Though this seems to be a small thing it is just not small

now i want to tell the secret that it is not just like syncing files, notes and contacts, its like hosting your personal cloud. woooooo… thats great right. it means you can have your pc where ever and you can share it and if u want u can remove it. ubuntu one gives all cool stuff to monitor the pc, tablets, and what ever u are connected with it.

what u can get with it? ofcrs no need to fly to home if u have all ur stuffs there. what ever u want to do is to sync your folder with ubuntu one.

right now comes with these cool things specified below for free of cost with 2gb of space and if u want more then u can buy some more.

Automatic sync to keep all of your important data the same across all of your computers and your personal cloud.Unlimited computers you can use and there’s no limit to the number of Ubuntu and Windows (beta) computers that you can sync.

Anytime, anywhere access everything from your desktop while offline or via a web browser when online

if u are still struck with your virus filled OS. don’t worry ubuntu one can be accessed via your OS too. dont think that i am talking about MS platform. i m not gona talk about it anyway. wana try just go to and enjoy

i have my own cloud with ubuntu one and i have lot n lot of data which i always want to use. guz what its my GF’s pics. luv u honey…. ummmmmaaaaaaa…..

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