Using Dialup modems in ubuntu

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Everyone will be familiar with configuring wired and wireless network in Ubuntu. But still at some point of time we may have the need to use dialup modem in ubuntu. here is a simple way to configure dialup modems in ubuntu.

The following command will install gnome-ppp which is a gui based configuration tool for dialup modems.

sudo apt-get install gnome-ppp

after installation invoke the application using the following command

gksudo gnome-ppp

the above command will invoke the window where you can find all the option to configure a dialup connection and there you can find setup option where you will set the modem and other things.

alternate solution is to use wvdial using the following command

sudo apt-get install wvdial

Gnome-ppp uses wvdial as its backend to configure the dialup connection

wvdial uses “.wvdial.conf  ” hidden file which is available in your home directory. you have to configure all the options of the modem.

Another alternate is to use pppconf

sudo pppconf

the above command will invoke a terminal based gui with easy steps to configure the dial up connection. provide the above command and follow the onscreen function(easy like configuring in windows create a dial up connection wizard type).

pppconf gives the users to create more than one connection The following are the commands used to dial the connection disconnect the connection and to view the log




If you have more than one connection

pon <connection name>


pon myairtelconn 

pon mybsnl

Note: the easy way is to use gnome-ppp

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