How to reset a Magento password using Mysql Server

If you are unable to log in to your magento application? Follow the below steps to reset your magento store password from Mysql server.

Step1: Select your database from the Mysqlserver.

Step2: Find admin_user table from the selected database.

Step3: In that table, edit the user which you want to reset their admin password.

Step4: For security reason, Magento will store the password in MD5 Hash encrypted format and also uses a salt calculate the hash . The password was stored in the password field value.

Step5: Generate the password in the following format md5(salt + password):salt

$salt = "blog";
$password = "123456";
echo md5($salt.$password).":".$salt;

Step6: Now password was generated successfully, update the table with the password to the selected user.

Password was changed successfully, Now you can log in to your magento application.

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