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Fatal error: Python.h: No such file or Directory

When i tried to build mysql connector for python got the below error: gcc -pthread -fno-strict-aliasing -DNDEBUG -g -fwrapv -O2 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -fPIC -Dversion_info=(1,2,4,’beta’,4) -D__version__=1.2.4b4 -I/usr/include/mysql -I/usr/include/python2.7 -c _mysql.c -o build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.7/_mysql.o -DBIG_JOINS=1 -fno-strict-aliasing -g _mysql.c:29:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. error: command ‘gcc’ failed with exit status 1 Where can …

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