Stripe Payment Gateway Implementation

Stripe Payment Gateway Implementation:

Steps to Implement:

  1. Download the stripe package(stripe).
  2. Extract that into the web accessible folder.
  3. Create an account in stripe using this url:
  4. After Created the account get the test secret key and test publishable key from your stripe account using this url:
  5. Now in config.php file change the “testSecretKey” and “testPublishableKey” string with your stripe secret_key and publishable_key.
  6. Now Navigate to http://localhost/stripe and enter the details in that form.

For Example:
Email Address :
Card Number   : 4242424242424242(For Sample Card Number Please Visit the following link: ).
CVC    Number    : 000 (It is a secret three digit number which is avilable in backside of the card).
Amount        : 3(it is in USD dollars).
Expiration     : 11/14 (expiration date of the card.For Testing purpose always give the future date.)

Now Hit submit.

Now, sign in to your stripe account and you can see the transaction you made using the sample stripe form.
Thats it !!! Easy Job ,but Great Job.

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